About Us

Dr. Matthew Rose, Rose Family Medicine, 1499 SE Tech Center Place Suite 135 Vancouver WA, Telephone (360) 861-6433

My name is Dr. Matthew Rose. I am a Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.), specializing in osteopathic medicine. A D.O. has all the same training as an M.D. plus additional training in physical medicine. (Visit my FAQ for more information.)

Before becoming a doctor, I was a geotechnical engineer. While working at Livermore National Lab in California, I participated in a Flying Doctors mission to Mexico. The organization literally flies in teams of medical professionals to areas in the developing world in desperate need of medical care, then flies them back out after a short tour.

I was so inspired by my tours with the Flying Doctors that I founded a chapter of the organization in my area. Shortly after that, I decided I needed to go into medicine myself. In 2008, I returned to Honduras on another medical mission, this time as a physician.

I went to Midwestern Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed my residency at St. Joseph’s Hospital in North Philadelphia, PA, where I was also chief resident. After residency I moved back to Oregon to be with my two daughters, and worked at Legacy Medical Group in St. Helens, OR.

Although I enjoyed working at Legacy, memories of my childhood family doctor inspired me to open my own practice. When I was growing up in Duxbury, MA, my physician lived at the end of my street. He knew me, and he knew my family. I always saw him, and when we had a problem we could always reach him personally. Rose Family Medicine is devoted to building this level of dedicated patient-physician relationships in my community.

In addition to my clinic, I also work in Portland as medical director of two clinics. When I am not at work, I enjoy restoring antique cars, making silver jewelry and studying paleontology and geology.



Deborah Brozovsky is the Office Manager of Rose Family Medicine, PLLC. She works with Dr. Rose and assists him in all aspects of running his solo micro-practice. When you call or text the office you will always reach Deb first. She relocated to the Portland area from Phoenix, AZ in February of 2016. Deb previously worked for JP Morgan Chase for 26 years in the mortgage field. When she is not at work she enjoys visiting her family and friends, traveling abroad, and spending time with her three cats.