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We’re proud and delighted to see our new patients have been so pleased with Dr. Rose’s work that they’ve reviewed us online!

From our listing:

"[5.0 star rating] Seriously, when it comes to health care, this is exceptional.  I wanted a medical doctor (osteopath) who could take the time to get to know me, not be quick to prescribe drugs or surgery, and do hands on manipulations and adjustments.

Dr. Rose really knows his stuff, and can help you fine tune your exercise program and lifestyle to alleviate your aches and pains.  

The office and staff are very comfortable and accommodating.  Scheduling was easy.

What are you waiting for? "

From our reviews page:

"So thorough and patient! My mind is definitely at rest and my worries are fading."
"He was awesome. Listened well and answered a lot of questions. Well thought out referrals as well."
"He was the most thorough doctor I have ever seen. He digs into one's medical history to understand them as an individual. He clearly cares about an individual's health and wellness instead if just issuing a diagnosis and rushing the patient out the door with a prescription."
"He put all my worries at ease and sent me out of the office with a plan for a better life."
"He was very direct, wanted to address all of my concerns, and was fabulous in every respect. I highly recommend him!"
"Amazing! I went in for a rib out and left with it back in. I liked the way he greets his patient in his office first and then the appointment length was great too. I didn't feel rushed. I will be back and am getting a gift certificate for my daughter as well."

From Patient Fusion‘s page of “Verified Patients” reviews:

Dr. Matthew Rose is what we would call a "throwback" in today's medical world. As his patient, he has made it a point to call me directly and speak about my condition or how I am responding to his protocols for medication. He speaks with you like a friend
Amazing thorough doctor. He will address your problems and concerns in a down to earth manner. Easy to understand. Very personable.
Thanks for your thorough care. Denae is great also.
I can't say enough good things about Dr Rose! He is amazing! He seems to be genuinely be concerned with my well being & is very thorough. He doesn't try to mask my pain issues with pills & explains everything. I'm so impressed with this man!
I highly recommend Dr Rose as a compassionate and thoughtful osteopath. He always makes me feel as if, helping me to reach my health goals is a #1 priority for him.
I was in So much pain when I went in to see Dr. Rose. I went to see Dr. Rose after an unsatisfactory urgent care visit. He explained why I was having so much pain in my shoulder. The exercises he showed me helped my range of motion instantly.
Excellent! First time ever for me that a doctor has gone above and beyond what was expected during the appointment. Thanks!
Dr Rose has been a great resource for me. Going to him has been the best decision I have made in a while. I have every confidence in his ability and in his honesty and open nature.
I appreciate the warmth and caring Dr. Rose excudes. He is thorough about addressing all concerns and wants feedback about medications he prescribes.
Great listening skills, and time spent working through my concerns! Dr Rose focuses on creating the old fashioned personal touch missing from most medical offices today. He went so far as to call in a prescription on off hours for me! Highly recommended!
One of the best experiences I've had with a medical provider, if not THE best, and I have had hundreds. Highly recommend Dr. Matthew Rose in Vancouver, WA.

Dr. Rose thrives on communication and strives to be the very best in his field, so he encourages all of his existing patients to add their voices and opinions of his work to these sites!

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